nera stipičević

  • Glumica
  • Playing Range: 25 -35
    Height: 168 cm
    Weight: 58
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown/Amber
    Place of residence: Zagreb, Croatia

    Languages: Croatian, English, Bosnian, Serbian, French, Italian and Spanish.

    Skills: Singing-alto, Dancing (Tap, Standard, Latino, Belly), Playing Piano/Guitar, Athletic (Member of Croatian National Team), Driving licence.




    - “Borgia”, directed by Metin Huseyin (Role: Imola woman)



    - “Diana/Caught in flight”, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (Role: Italian niece)

    - “The Enhanced Porgers”,directed by Ivan Livakovic(Role: Father’s mistress)

    - “Fuga I Mysterio”, directed by Sara Hribar (Role: Lotta)



    - “Nick”, directerd by Fow Ping Hu (Role: Joe’s wife)



    - “Some Other Stories”/Croatian Story directed by Ivona Juka (Leading Role: Sonia)

    Best Supporting Actress/American International Film Festival, May 2011.

    (Pula FF,Sarajevo FF,Warsaw FF,,Montreal FF.,International FF Mannheim-Heidelberg)



    - “Dancing With Stars”/Winner of the season (HRT1)

    - “Story Super Nova Music Talents Show”(aca American Idol), Finalist

    - “Dirty Little Bubbles” directed by Ivan Livakovic (Role:Mistress)





    “The Jungle Book” directed by Saša Anočić (Theatre Tresnja/Role: Chicken, Monkey, Wolf)


    “War and Peace”directed by Tomaz Pandur (Croatian National Theatre,Zagreb/Leading Role: Natasha Rostova)

    “Cricket and the Ant” directed by Nina Kleflin (Theatre Tresnja/Role: Baby)



    “Restless legs” directed by Sasa Anocic (Theatre Exit/ Role: Milica)

    “And again…Miffy” directed by Bruun Kuijt(Theatre Tresnja/Nina)



    “War and Peace” directed by Tomaz Pandur (Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb/Role: Sonia Rostova)

    “Princess and the Frog” directed by Nina Kleflin (Theatre Trešnja/Leading role:The Princess)



    “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” directed by Ivana Coh(Theatre Tresnja/Leading role: Snow White)

    “Zagorka” directed by Ivica Boban (Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb/Role: Contesa Nera)

    “About Bears and People” directed by Sasa Anocic (Theatre Kerempuh/Role:Maryanne)

    “Miffy” directed by Bruun Kuijt (Theatre Trešnja/Role: Nina)



    “They Shoot Horses don’t They” directed by Ivica Boban (Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb/Role:Lilian Becon)

    “The Devil and Demons” directed by Janos Kica (Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb/Role:Student)

    “Rosemary Cow” directed by Ivica Simic (Theatre Mala Scena/Leading Role: Rosemary Cow)



    “Fantasy”(Pygmalion) directed by Nina Kleflin (Croatian National Theatre, Sibenik/ Leading Role:Anka Prpalo) Composer Music/Lyrics

    “Visiting Father Marin” directed by Josko Juvancic (Dubrovnik Summer Festival 58th / Role: Sweet boy)



    “Three Penny Opera”directed by Kresimir Dolencic (Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb/Role: Dolly)

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