Filmmakers Association of Croatia

As the oldest and the largest filmmakers' association in Croatia, HDFD has been caring for the dignity and wellbeing of Croatian professional filmmakers for 73 years and it is an important factor in creation of Croatian filmmaking.

Constantly growing, with more than 1000 members from different professions, HDFD makes majority of Croatian filmmaking production force, which has affirmed itself as one of the most productive cinematography in this part of Europe, actively promoting Croatian culture through its appearances on the most important international film festivals.

One of many tasks of HDFD, based on the approval of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, has also been selection of Croatian candidate for Academy Award in the Best International Film category.


HDFD strives to make improvements in fields of co-regulation and quality standards in audiovisual production, the official list of professions in audiovisual industry, analysis and impact assessments of regulations with potential effects on filmmakers as well as participating in creation of the aforementioned regulations.


Through its representatives, HDFD also participates in number of national institutions, such as Croatian Audiovisual Council, Committees of Croatian Freelance Artists' Association, Pula Film Festival Council, to name just a few.