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Producer specialized in global innovation management and international collaborations with a strong focus on impactful partnerships to encourage positive changes in the world. Recognized as one of 27 European Achievers under 27. Global citizen and ex-digital nomad.

Dalia started her professional experience in Production in Croatia in 2013 and later worked in Belgium, the European Union, Nepal and Thailand. In less than five years, while being a student, she gathered more than 40 projects in filmmaking, event & project management, more than 20 courses & certificates in various fields from the film management to digital marketing, and more than 8 awards & recognition for her work so far out of which is also a recognition for "27 Young European Achievers Under 27" judged by global entrepreneurs, investors and media stars in Brussels, 2017 and Rotary Scholarship Award for Excellence in 2018. Dalia graduated from Academy of Dramatic Art, the University of Zagreb in Croatia and LUCA School of Arts, Campus Narafi in Belgium with excellent scores and recognitions such as double Rector's Award.